MX+MESH takes part at Fashion Fair 2012 from February 25th to March 11th :

- A show with all the designers the first day

- A fashion show of a designer every day of the week

- A party and a contest to close the event

- And, obviously, a lot of meshes


Mx-Mesh fashion fair 2012

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Those of you who have already been connected this year on Second Life knows him already, but for the other ones, the suprise is to come ( though the picture below should give you an interesting clue  ). The main store has a new look. Different style for a new year which will brings its lot of enjoyments on Second Life and AlaFolie hopes to contribute to it with its new creations. Happy Second Life 2012 !!!

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A good deals corner has just opened above the main store. You will find here old creations of pixivor Allen, and old creations of Aleyda, all of them sold at a very sweet price  . So, don’t hesitate to indulge yourself  or to make gifts to your beloved ones (all the items are transferable)  . To access to the good deals corner, go through the door situated on a pillar on the left when you go inside the main store.

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Christmas approaches, and it’s time for the fourth Peace On Earth hunt with a lot of gifts for all of you ! The hint for AlaFolie is :

Where Raoul the cat sleeps, you won’t be far from your gift.
Take your time for a little nap, you won’t be far from it too.

Start of the hunt :

Aurora Borealis

Hints on the blog of Peace On Earth

Enjoy !!!