Miss Philipines is featured in an article in Sequoia Nightfire with beautiful pictures of KymSara Rayna in the blog Notions of Style.

Notions of Style

Even if the month has been quiet on the blog, it hasn’t been this way in Second Life. The gallery below gives you the novelties you can find at AlaFolie. Enjoy !


Click on the pictures for the full size

AlaFolie is featured on the Blacksheep blog of Fuzz Lennie with the wedding dress Precieuse Diamant. Thank you Fuzz for these wonderful pictures !!!

Precieuse Diamant on Blacksheep

Two novelties at AlaFolie :



Until monday included, takes advantage of 50 % discount, as well as supplementary 20 % discount for the AlaFolie group members as a refund after purchase. Don’t forget to activate your group before you buy !


Sarah ———–1000$L 50% of = 500$L

Plume ———–1000$L 50% of = 500$L



Groupe AlaFolie