AlaFolie takes part to Peace on earth hunt 9 from December 1st to December 31st 2016

The hint to find your gift is : It won’t wake you up anymore

Your gift is Zoé, exclusive for Peace on earth



Have fun !!!


Landing point for Peace on earth

Be a pumpkin with AlaFolie - Pumkin is an avatar specially made for Halloween. It fits to women and men as well.


Two vendors near the fountain at the main store :

One,  the pumpkin on hands, for the group members, it’s a gift

One, the pumpkin on the ground, for non members. Price : 100 L$


Taxi for AlaFolie


AlaFolie takes part to Rock Your Rack for profit to the National Breast Cancer Foundation with a novelty exclusive for the event, Sonia (Tonic, Slink, Maitreya beta, and 5 standard sizes). A hunt is also organized where you should look for a black wire hanger with a pink heart in the center. 50% of all the sales made during the event are donated to Rock Your Rack. The event last until october 16th. You can attend to a AlaFolie fashion show saturday october 15th at 12:00 pm SLT.


Rock your rack 2016



AlaFolie is sponsoring the Spoonful of sugar event to benefit Doctors without border which will occur between September 9th and September 25th 2016. We'll give you more info about the program when they are available.



Spoonful of Sugar

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Group in Second Life : Spoonful Of Sugar (SOS) Festival