AlaFolie takes part to Black Fair Absence from October 5th to October 19th with an exclusive item, Maliha noir et or.

Price : 490 L$

Black Fair


AlaFolie takes part to OutShop Cancer, a grid-wide and marketplace shopping event between October 1st and October 31st benefiting Making Strides and the American Cancer Society.

The creation of AlaFolie is a variant of Amely, Amely noire

Making Strides

AlaFolie is sponsoring the Spoonful of sugar event to benefit Doctors without border which will occur between September 14th and September 29th 2019. 

Spoonful of Sugar

Flickr group

SOS on Facebook

Group in Second Life : Spoonful Of Sugar (SOS) Festival

You will find there the novelty of AlaFolie, Malaika.

Two versions of this dress are 100 % donated to Spoonful of Sugar


DOS NU is available in 3 different fatpacks : one with the version with patterns of DOS NU, one with the plain color version of DOS NU, and one with both versions with patterns and plain color.   Each fat pack comes with a hud allowing you to change between the plain colors and/or the patterns.It supports Maitreya, Slink original and hourglass. Standard sizes on request.

Price :

Fat pack : 690 L$

Fat pack patterns version only : 490 L$

Fat pack plain color version only : 490 L$

You can get it at Vanity event until September 25th