Jaya is a mesh outfit made of 4 separate pieces, the dress, the pants, the jacket, and the belt. It's shipped in two ways. The duo pack lets you have Jaya with a hud wich let you choose beteween two different textures, as you can see on the attached screenshots. The fat pack is shipped with a hud which allows you to choose between 10 different textures for each piece composing the outfit. The  screenshot gives you an idea of all the possible ways you can compose the textures.

Jaya support Tonic, and Slink mesh bodies. It has only beta support for Maitreya mesh body, since we still don't have the developer kit for this mesh body. It is shipped with two standard sizes for the classical second life body. Take the demo to check if it fits your body and shape. We accept no complaint on that matter.

The prices are as follow :

Duo : 450 L$
Fat pack : 1600 L$



AlaFolie's main store

These are the last novelties of AlaFolie. You can find all of them at the main store :






AlaFolie's main store

AlaFolie takes part to Peace on earth hunt 9 from December 1st to December 31st 2016

The hint to find your gift is : It won’t wake you up anymore

Your gift is Zoé, exclusive for Peace on earth



Have fun !!!


Landing point for Peace on earth

Be a pumpkin with AlaFolie - Pumkin is an avatar specially made for Halloween. It fits to women and men as well.


Two vendors near the fountain at the main store :

One,  the pumpkin on hands, for the group members, it’s a gift

One, the pumpkin on the ground, for non members. Price : 100 L$


Taxi for AlaFolie