The latest release from AlaFolie is the darling little Marilyn dress. Reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties flapper outfits, it will have you heading to the nearest vintage club for an evening of dancing and fun. But wait — haven’t we all been a trifle frustrated when we hit the dance floor in that great looking new mesh dress and as soon as we start to dance we expose those invisible bod parts that were vanished in the alpha mask? Pixivor Allen has figured a new technique for mesh designs that does not require using an alpha mask and, will allow you complete motion freedom with no exposure of those icky missing body sections! Yay Pixi!! I am sure we will see additional delightful designs from AlaFolie using this approach, but meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying the Marilyn. I’d say more but I must run along to the club

Shall we dance - Notions of style - 12 September 2012