CHARLIE is available in 3 different fatpacks : one with the sweet and skirt, the two others wirh the sweet or the skirt  Each fat pack comes with a hud allowing you to change between 15 different textures, and add or remove the frills.  You can also get the sweet or the skirt alone without the hud. It supports Maitreya, Slink original and hourglass, and Tonic fine and curvy. Standard sizes on request.

Fatpack sweet and skirt : L$1580

Fatpack sweet : L$980
Fatpack skirt : L$980
Sweet alone : L$ 150
Skirt alone : L$ 150

10% discount for the AlaFolie group members.

A sl bug appears from time to time on the transparent textures of the frills. Just detaching the skirt and wearing it after should solve the problem. If it's not the case, then unlog/relog.