The first Omega appliers for mesh bodies are available. These will allow you to wear AlaFolie outfits with most mesh bodies on the market. Other appliers will be available in the coming weeks. Two situations are possible:


- You already have an outfit and only want to get the applier. In that case, you can buy it for 60 L$ on Marketplace.


- You plan to buy an outfit of the list and use it with you mesh body. You have nothing to do since the applier is included in the outfit package.


You can find the mesh bodies list supported by Omega and the instructions to use the applier with each of them on the website of Omega system


Here is the today list of outfits having an Omega applier :


  • By night
  • Jaune plisse
  • Lady Azure courte
  • Lady Azure longue
  • Lady Gray courte
  • Lady Gray longue
  • Lady Chocolat courte
  • Lady Chocolat longue
  • Lady Monaco courte
  • Lady Monaco longue
  • Lemon Lady courte
  • Lemon Lady longue
  • Lola Slinky bleu
  • Lola Slinky jaune
  • Lola Slinky rose
  • Lola Slinky vert
  • Mariee passion
  • Mariee passionnement
  • Robe d'ete anglaise
  • Robe d'ete blue and white
  • Robe d'ete coquelicot
  • Robe d'ete feuille
  • Robe d'ete fleur bleue
  • Robe d'ete japonaise
  • Robe d'ete jaune
  • Robe d'ete roses
  • Robe d'ete violette
  • Rose tull
  • Sahara
  • Signorita Rojo
  • Snow girls
  • Soie et taffetas noir
  • Soie et taffetas rose
  • Soie et tull brode
  • Star courte bleu
  • Star courte brown
  • Star courte jaune
  • Star courte mauve
  • Star courte rose
  • Star courte rouge
  • Star courte saumon
  • Star courte
  • Star courte vert
  • Star longue marron
  • Star longue bleu
  • Star longue jaune
  • Star longue mauve
  • Star longue rose
  • Star longue rouge
  • Star longue saumon
  • Star longue vert
  • Tiffany's marie
  • Tull tulipe
  • Valentina gown
  • Vintage DR. Star
  • Vintage dress
  • Agatta
  • Balcerise
  • Ballerine
  • Ballerine blanche
  • Brise d'ete
  • Charleston
  • Chemisier dentelle B
  • Diament noir
  • Diament noir V1
  • Diament noir V2
  • Iris bleu
  • Iris rouge
  • Iris vert
  • Josephine
  • Miss Philippines courte
  • Miss Philippines V1
  • Miss Philippines V2
  • Neferati
  • Oceane
  • Opale
  • Passion noir
  • Passion ornoir
  • Pauline
  • Pink Lady courte
  • Pink Lady longue
  • Precieuse diament
  • Precieuse jade
  • Precieuse parme
  • Precieuse rose
  • Precieuse yellow
  • Scarlette


AlaFolie mainstore

Penumbra fashion week opened today to last until May 23rd. You will find there many designers, including AlaFolie off course :). You can also attend many fashion shows. AlaFolie's fashion show is tomorrow, Sunday May 17th at 12:00 pm SLT. You will find a gift for you. Don't miss the event :)



AlaFolie takes part to Fashion For Change, an event to support Womankind, an association fighting for the rights of the women in many countries. You will find there two novelties, Dhulka and Gold, sold 550 L$ each. 50 % of the profit of their sale are for the benefit of the Womankind association. 





A novelty released for a 60 L$ week-end


AlaFolie support standard sizing system for meshes outfits, and goes even beyond, offering you 12 different sizes for each outfit. Supplementary sizes are added regularly.