Three novelties this monthi. Regal, created for the sim with the same name, Marushka, created for the "60 L$ week-end", and France created for the La Mistinguette fair organised on the sim Admicile2 until august 29th.


Here are two novelties available since last week :


Aysu : baggy pants in the style of turkish trousers with a jacket, shipped with a texture changer hud for the jacket and the pants, allowing you multiple variations for your outfit.

Price : 1200 L$

AlaFolie group members get 50 % discount on both novelties until july 5th. Don't forget to activate your group tag before purchase :)


MaRobe : this creation will be put for sale during the 60 L$ week-end starting July 5th. Don't miss this opportunity to make you happy :)


Florilège, released at the begining of June, is available in the main store


Two novelties this month :


Miss Ehtiopie : This dress has been created for Miss Virtual World contest. You can get it with a hud allowing you to choose between a lot of different textures for the the dress, skirts, and the top, giving you a lot of possibilities of arrangements :) AlaFolie group members get 50 % discount on the regular price. Don't forget to activate your tag before buying !!!


Price : 1500 L$

Discounted price : 750 L$




Sunshine : This following outfit can only be found at the KV Summer Fashion Month. Click on the « Haute couture » board, when you arrive on the sim.


Price : 800 L$


KV Summer Fashion Month


A new group is born on Flickr and is named "AlaFolie et moi". You have the possibility to send here a picture of your avatar wearing AlaFolie's creations. There are already several very nice pictures, and now we are waiting for yours ! Don't hesitate, all pictures are welcome :)


AlaFolie et moi


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


AlaFolie support standard sizing system for meshes outfits, and goes even beyond, offering you 12 different sizes for each outfit. Supplementary sizes are added regularly.